LISTEN to interviews with leaders both from the Messianic Jewish Community inside and outside Israel (Eng-Port, or Hebr-Port). Also, with an Israeli Journalist (Heb-Port), and with a Palestinian who loves and admires Israel (Port-Heb), as well as Federal Senator from Brazil who expressed his love and commitment towards Israel (Port).
All interviews were featured in Rachel's VOZ DE ISRAEL (Voice From Israel) talk & News show, broadcast LIVE in Portuguese, every Sunday at 10PM Jerusalem time.
Some of the guests were
Anat Brenner
Gilad Rosinger
Ron Arnow
Brian Sanders
Dudi Goldman
Ziad Said
Senator Roberto de Lucena
Listen HERE

Radio hadaSHOT toVOT mi-IsraEL     רדיו חדשות טובות מישראל
Rádio Boas Notícias de Israel  Good News from Israel Radio

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